Team Rustic or Team Modern?

Since its raining today I missed one of my favorite vintage flea markets and going to the stables…so I am inspiration and blog binging!

It’s no secret I’m team rustic but I can bring the contemporary, modern, glam when I have a client, event or product that calls for it. And truth be told I do like just a touch of glam or a touch of modern to throw off the rustic a little….

I have always been that person that likes to mix it up! I cringe at the thought of everything matching!

I found the amazing pics of this stunning home on idesignarc and loved that it was timber and stone with a modern contemporary twist, so I wanted to share this for all of you that think wood and stone is just for rustic styles.

Wood and stone doesn’t have to be rustic to be beautiful. Organic, natural wood and stone is beautiful no matter how you spin it! This is a stunning example of how wood and stone doesn’t have to be rough and rustic and can be smooth and modern. Are you team rustic or team modern?