At the striped barn we believe everyone is unique and we want your home or event to be as unique as you are. No one has "a "style, its impossible to have just one. Your vision is your style and its unique. There are lots of components and ideas that need to come together for a successful outcome, and that's where we come in!


    Why do you need our consulting services? You have great ideas, and too many inspo pics on your Pinterest board because you like it all. You keep finding things that are either out of stock or out of budget. You get discouraged, settle for what you don't want and end up right back at square one! Its really just a matter of a great plan, making decisions, and creative sourcing.

    Interior Design

    Good design starts with a great plan. Our consultation is that first step that answers your questions, gives you focus and brings it all together.

    Events, Parties and Weddings

    We take your vision, ideas, inspo pics, budget and theme and bring it all together. Then the real creativity kicks in.

    Styling, Display, Merchandising

    This is one of my favorites because it is the most creative part of design . When you style, display or merchandise, it becomes a story with a purpose.

    Our Mission

    To help you achieve your vision. We believe your vision is important, unique, has a purpose and deserves to be seen.