Ranch Glam

“The Ranch” one of my favorite Netflix shows, “Ranch Style” one of my favorite design styles and “A Ranch” what I hope to have some day haha. Until someday gets here I like to surround myself with all things ranch farmhouse and rustic with a twist of this or that…like ranch glam. I love, love, love this dome pendant from Wayfair and it has glass crystals not plastic. Its on sale right now for $105.99!


I love everything about it…the aged metal, the touch of glam and style. It also comes in a shiny metal version but I prefer the distressed metal look. If you are doing industrial glam or want a piece that will be sure to get noticed this is a must have!

Can’t decide between 2 styles? Does your significant other want the opposite style of what you want? Have a space that needs a pop of something? Then this is the perfect find! Let me know what you think or if you find anything you love. I’m always looking for new exciting products to share!!