High Wood Beam Ceilings

Talk about a dramatic space…this is an amazing inspiration photo from Vance Fox.com. Warning…must love reclaimed, re purposed, barn wood and other natural wood products. Yes, its a neutral palette with a lot of wood but you could definitely add pops of color and different textures to balance it out. I am in love with wood and with this interior….but for those of you that would like a little variety with your wood but the same wow factor…here are a few ideas:

Most of the dramatic style is because of the whole design including the height and shape of the ceiling so changing out a few materials will still give you an amazing look. Break it up a little and keep the high wood beams as a focal point. Want just a little less wood? Remove the wood on just the ceiling but kept the wood beams and painted the ceiling white, the beams wood be a dramatic focal point. Or maybe you might keep the wood ceiling but use a few different materials on the walls. The rock fireplace is a must stay but maybe a few other smooth textures such as a smooth stone, cement, plaster or metal could be great furniture or accents in the space and break up the wood just a tiny bit. Run wood vertical on a wall if you want to add a more contemporary twist. One of my favorite looks that can go with any style is hand hewn wood beams ran horizontally on a wall with plaster showing in between. If you space out your wood it will break up the log cabin feel while keeping a rustic style. So whether your all in or just want a touch…adding wood to your home is a must and this beautifully designed interior has it all!