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    Let’s Do Fall!

    Yes, its time to get out the fall decor! There’s seasonal inspiration everywhere for DIY ideas! But… what about Halloween? I like to mix fall and Halloween so I have a little bit of both. Kind of like the vignette from Onekindesign/athomewithjenna.

    Photo Source: Pottery Barn

    If your more of a fall person but want just a pop of Halloween just add a few black bats or some black and white buffalo plaid!

    Photo Source: Onekindesign and @vintagewhitefarmhouse

    Do you like to separate fall and Halloween or mix the 2 together?


    Transitional Rustic Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important things you can put in a room not only for function but also to display your style. The wrong lighting choice can ruin a perfectly planned design!

    I love the “Clancy” pendant light with a clear glass urn shade from Hinkle Lighting! Rustic, transitional and sure to make a statement! They come in 2 sizes and 4 rustic finishes: Aged zinc, brushed nickle, buckeye bronze, polished nickel. You can find this anywhere from lamps plus, to overstock and it has a great price point!

    Happy Shopping!


    Get This Look!

    Inspiration is everywhere at “The Striped Barn” because we are design and décor obsessed! This inspiration photo from Pinterest is a great modern farmhouse look! Want this look? Here are similar products that will get you started!

    These low back bar stools from Wayfair are inexpensive, quick to get, and perfect for your kitchen counter!

    This antique farmhouse pendant light from is the perfect kitchen pendant light! I love the lighting choices at Antique Farmhouse!

    Inspiration is everywhere you just have to find it!

    Happy decorating!



    Halloween Wreath Now Available

    The energy is high at “The Striped Barn” because the season is changing and were into our favorite time of year!

    This year we’re batty as the striped Barn goes haunted with this large 23” black rag tied wreath with black tulle, black lace, black/white stripes and pops of purple sparkled lace, embellished with a striped bow and lights! Many other designs and sizes available. If you don’t see it just ask!

    Check back often, for new designs!



    Rustic Home Décor Organizer

    As you know flea markets and vintage markets aren’t up and running yet so this weekend I needed a DIY flea market find type project. I had some rustic 12 key organizer boards and decided to take some paper, fabric and lace and make a cute rustic, vintage organizer. I think it is so cute and could be used for soooo many things! Keys of course but I love the idea of a jewelry organizer!

    This is also the perfect wedding piece for table numbers or anything you want to hang or display. The materials slide out so you could even change them for different seasons or holidays! You could ad pics, or letters or numbers! I think I’m going to do one for a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar so stay tuned!

    This one is for sale for $55, under “shop” or just em me if you would like to purchase it!

    Happy August!!




    This year THE STRIPED BARN is going “Fall Out“!

    This year I am introducing lots of new things as I work my way thru the seasons!: “Fall Out at The Striped Barn”, “The Striped Barn goes Haunted”, “A Striped Barn Thanksgiving”, “Christmas at the Striped Barn”.

    Usually when August hits I start getting those Autumn/ Fall vibes and I am so excited to start in on my designs for my favorite time of year!! OK sometimes I usually start a little earlier….

    So….Its time…I’m going “Fall Out”! I’m getting everything going in my studio so when you’re ready for your fabulous fall and holiday décor I will have it for you!!

    Fall Harvest
    Its beginning to look like Fall! Large Fall Harvest wreath!

    Farmhouse rag wreaths are exploding and I featured a few products in my Etsy Shop right after the 4th of July that are perfect for summer or year-round and they have since sold out but I’m working on more! Weddings are usually big this time of year, but since this year was a little different I have still been designing and selling wedding decor because I love it and many of the items I do are great for year round home decot such as this vintage style heart wreath!

    Love the hearts for year round decor, kids rooms and weddings!

    been working on autumn, fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  I’ve finished a few things but so much more to come! … My fav time of year!!

    REMEMBER, THE STRIPED BARN IS ALL ABOUT CUSTOM HOLIDAYS AND OCCASSIONS, SO IF YOU WANT something you don’t see or want a different color or theme just ask!

    Here’s a sneek peak into The Striped Barns Studio for fall 2020:

    Who doesn’t love Halloween decor!

    RAG WREATHS and GARLANDS are going strong! I use quality fabrics and tear them by hand unless it’s a texture I have to cut, so they have that farmhouse, shabby chic, boho, rustic, natural, organic character! Wreaths are from 8”-27” and garlands from 6” and up. Great for centerpieces also!

    Extra large Scarecrow wreath available now!
    Perfect for Autumn and year round! Available now!
    Extra large haunted mansion meets Jack Skellington wreath with black and white stripes and pops of purple! Fall harvest large wreath, both available now!

    DIY CRAFT KITS are really big this year with everyone staying home and I now have DIY wreath and garland kits just ask! These kits are great because I’ve done all the prep for you. You get coordinating fabrics already torn and cut…all you have to do is tie, no supplies needed! They come in all sizes.

    HOLIDAY GIFT BOX DÉCOR is a cute set of 3 seasonal items, stay tuned…

    WOOD SIGNS are still in and I’ll have a few of my old designs mixed with some new ones…and remember there’s always custom available!  Different sizes are available horizontal, vertical and with decorative paper. Here’s a few…

    Spooktacular Signs
    Custom Signs

    I’m also introducing some pillows and aprons for fall, winter and holidays…stay tuned on those…

    My crystal brooch designs are always available, based on availability of brooches. I have frames and the wreaths are special order due to their popularity in fall!

    Yes, I will do cake, cookies and cupcake gifts and my designer gift boxes for clients, friends or any occasion!

    Fun miscellaneous gifts are always available under “shop” or just em me if you want something you don’t see.

    Remember this is just the start of what’s to come…

    A few of my favorites!

    so many ideas even I can’t keep up with myself … so stay tuned and check in often, things are always changing at The Striped Barn!


    Cute Little Girls Birthday Cake and Presents

    So last weekend in our 100-degree heat wave I had a birthday cake to make…omg was it challenging even with the air conditioning on! I have 3 words that will explain the whole thing…July and buttercream! If you bake you know the challenge…if you don’t let’s just say I couldn’t work with it more than 5 minutes before popping it back in the frig to settle up again…at least it was a naked cake which helped a lot!

    The theme of the party was roses, so I put fresh leaves and roses on top (I put a cake circle under them before placing on the cake). To top it off…no pun intended…I made the the cutest little birthday banner out of ribbon vintage flower ribbon, tied it on skewers and put some lace on the sides…boom!

    I embellished the cutest little cross body purse and hand purse which I sell on my Etsy site. Seriously sooo cute for a little girl!

    Embellished on Front
    Embellished on Back

    Its hard to imagine its mid-July…I’ve started on Fall and have some great Halloween wreaths almost done! If your rolling your eyes I know it seems far away but trust me it’s not! If you’re secretly cheering for Fall, you are my people!

    Check back I will be putting up my Halloween and Fall sneak peek!See y’all soon!


    By popular demand I am posting my go to lemon cake recipe. This cake is so moist and tastes like fresh lemons…everyone will want this recipe…the best part is it’s so quick and easy! It’s perfect for summer but it’s our favorite year round and always requested for holidays and birthdays!

    Earlier in the week I posted the most amazing Jack Daniel’s Dark Chocolate cake! I know a lot of you are venturing out in the DIY and baking world now that you have more time so I’m here to help!

    But first let’s talk “Herman”…If you want to try something fun… here is a copy of the old recipe like I used growing up “Herman” starter recipe and other “Herman” cake recipes are floating around everywhere, I used this recipe for my Herman cake and everyone flipped! I omitted the glaze, just thought it was too much… I loved passing “Herman” along especially to friends that didn’t usually bake…it was like the 10 day baking challenge…lol

    So back to my favorite… lemon cake… here is the amazing lemon cake recipe trust me you will looove this you just have to try it! You can also embellish with edible flowers for the perfect summer presentation!


    Preheat oven to 350, grease and flour Bundt pan.

    Mix together 2 min on med speed:

    1 pkg lemon cake mix

    1 sm pkg lemon insta pudding

    4 eggs

    ½ C oil

    1 C water

    Grated rind of a lemon


    1 1/3 powdered sugar

    5 T fresh lemon juice

    Grated rind of a lemon

    Bake 35 min or until done.Cool on wire rack for 5 minutes and then pour glaze over top of warm cake.

    HELPFUL TIP: Always check your cake a little before the cooking time is up, if your tester comes out clean it is done…you want a moist cake, not an overdone cake.

    Let me know what you think and em me with any questions!

    Happy Baking!



    Jack Daniels Whiskey Soaked Dark Chocolate Cake

    FATHERS DAY is coming up this weekend which I’m sure you all know by now.  If you forgot…your welcome:) So, in memory of my dad, here’s the perfect Father’s Day cake…a dark chocolate whiskey cake!

    I always remember Dad on Father’s Day and this year I decided to bake this dark chocolate whiskey cake in his honor. My dad served as a marine, told it like it was, lived for me to be happy, and loved his Jack. Most importantly he was the best dad a girl could ever ask for!

    It doesn’t get any better than Old No.7 Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

    I found this cake and it’s perfect for Father’s Day, or for that whiskey sipping someone in your life! You can use any whiskey in this cake, but I went with Jack Daniels. OK so I just have to say…its the most decadent, rich, yummy chocolate cake I’ve ever had with more than a hint of whiskey!

    WARNING: The first day its super strong, its like having a shot of whiskey, but if you let it set overnight it mellows out and the whiskey blends in but it still has a great punch!

    The cake is so moist and decadent!

    You can find the recipe here, I changed the recipe up a little. I always use Madagascar bourbon vanilla and I added a little more…it’s like my secret ingredient, it just makes everything better! When I prepared the pan I used sugar, and I added the same type of glaze I use in my lemon cake, (I’m posting my lemon cake recipe this week)…or you can just sprinkle the warm cake with powdered sugar if you don’t want to add the glaze. This is amazing served with vanilla bean ice cream!

    GLAZE RECIPE: 1 1/3 C powdered sugar and about 5T Jack Daniels, mix together and poured it over the top while the cake was warm.

    Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cake with Whiskey Glaze

    One day later, the cake is gone…I did give some away…and everyone is asking for the recipe!!

    Happy Baking!!


    Easy DIY Fourth of July Decor

    Hi friends! I’ve been so busy trying to wrangle 2020 that I just realized 4th of July was less than 4 weeks away! Rag wreaths are one of my favorite DIY projects especially this time of year for Fourth of July…they just scream summer Fourth of July celebration! Especially red, white and blue decor… you can put them up for Memorial Day and leave them up for the fourth!

    This is the easiest project ever!…it just takes a lot of time. So, if you are someone with no patience I do sell them in my Etsy shop, and I’ll do any colors you would like. I’ll even make a kit for you if you don’t want to do the cutting part…for a patriotic, Fourth of July DIY project…I love this! Denim fabric, burlap for texture and a vintage look gingham! I’m obsessed with gingham… here’s the super easy way to make a fabric strip wreath! I am a lover of all things distressed and frayed ends so I rip the fabric when possible!

    Fourth of July Decor Ideas

    FUN TIP: Instead of buying denim, tear up an old pair of jeans…I love the whimsy of the seams and hems showing!

    I Love the Little Vintage Stripe and the Denim Jeans!

    For this big 23 inch wreath I started with an 18” wire wreath frame. Then just cut up your strips.

    TIME SAVING TIP: I like to either tear my fabric or use a rotary cutter so it frays a little plus its faster. You can use scissors for a cleaner cut. The burlap will definitely fray…I even pull a few threads to distress it a little more.

    I used about 450 strips (about 150 ea. fabric) on this big one give or take…I did 1”x 9” for the denim and the gingham and 1 ¼” x 9” for the gingham. Do the math on how many yards depending on the fabric width. I used approx.. 1 ¼ yd. gingham because its only 45” wide, but the burlap and denim usually comes a lot wider so normally a yard ea. is plenty.

    4th of July Red, White and Blue

    Then just start tying (just a basic cross tie, not a knot). I use 2 wire rows at a time and start on the outer one., Then the middle 2 and then the last 2.

    Then just keep repeating until you fill a section, then start the next section and so on…I like mine really full so I push them super tight and keep filling a section until I can’t fit even one more strip in

    18″ Wire Wreath Form

    SANITY TIP: Try to alternate the 3 fabrics the best you can it doesn’t end the same in each row and its OK if you put the same ones next to each other… just try to space ea. color out evenly so you don’t have a clump of one color. Don’t overthink it you’ll make yourself crazy.

    23″ Rag Wreath

    That’s it!! The big wreath took me about an hour to cut the strips and about 3 ½ hours for tying

    Here’s the Back

    This next one is my 17” wreath that started with a smaller 12” wire frame. I used a vintage stripe, a pair of jeans (my fav) and a extra small vintage gingham.

    This One Has Light Denim Jeans!
    I love the way the back looks too!
    18″ Wreath and 12″ Wreath

    Have fun! I would love to see your designs! Let me know if you have any questions and if you aren’t a DIYer feel free to visit my shop, order your favorite colors or email me for a kit!

    Happy Tieing!!



    Hi I'm Carrie, Welcome to my blog and happy fall! We are currently changing our website for the holiday season so please excuse us if a few things are a little out of order!