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    5 Faux Antler Chandeliers with Rustic Charm

    If you love a rustic home you know that antler chandeliers are a common decor choice. This stunning photo from Summit Handcrafted Log Homes was my inspiration to start sourcing! So here’s a few fabulous faux chandeliers that will give you that rustic luxe feeling!

    Source: Summit Handcrafted Log Homes Reproduction antler chandalier faux elk antler chandalier 12 light
    rockymountaindecor Faux elk 18 antler reproduction

    Antler lighting will give any space into rustic luxe charm! When shopping for antler products look for faux or reproductive. If you find real products look for nayural shed.

    Happy Shopping!


    3 Quick and Easy DIY Holiday Decor Ideas

    I love the days that follow Thanksgiving! Christmas movies and leftover pumpkin pie every morning with coffee! The tree lots start going up, the air is crisp, cars are decorated with wreaths and antlers, all the stores have their seasonal yummy treats! So to get you in the holiday mood I have 3 quick and easy holiday ideas anyone can do for just a few dollars! So lets get started with these easy DIY Christmas decorating ideas!

    Lets start with these super easy, budget friendly Christmas cards! I like to make my own cards and this year I wanted super simple ! I always have fabric and a roll of jute twine laying around so I bought a pack of kraft paper and envelopes from Hobby Lobby $5 with coupon and a few $1.00 evergreen branch picks. Here are the steps to make your own cards:

    Now lets make this sparkling winter holiday sign…I love doing my own signs because I can personalize them to say anything I want them to say! I always have paint and Swarovski crystals so I just bought my wood piece which I cut to whatever length I want, but you can have them cut it for you at home depot. This sign is about 4′ or so. I usually make my own stencil by printing out the letters in word, enlarging them and then cutting them out (you can find out how I did my custom signs on my previous DIY sign blog post, but I found this cute stencil at Michaels which made it super quick and easy!

    I saved the easiest for last…this project just requires picking up pinecones when you walk or wherever you can find them. Pinecones make the best natural, organic decor and the best part is they are free! But I would strongly suggest cleaning them before use, especially if you put them on a table. There are many ways to clean them or even microwave them so thats up to you… but I just put them in the sink with warm water and 1 cup of vinegar and let them soak for 30 min. Then let them dry outside for a few days and you have instant holiday decor that didn’t cost anything!

    I hope you have fun with these projects, they are all quick, easy and budget friendly Christmas ideas. You can do them all in one day and they are great holiday Christmas crafts for kids! Enjoy your holiday decorating and just email me if you have any questions!

    Happy Decorating!


    15 Ways to Decorate with Greenery for the Holidays

    I love greenery all year round! Its kind of like the little black dress…always classic, can be dressed up or dressed down, never goes out of style, can be elegant, rustic, and handle any theme or occasion you throw at it! You can use it for entertaining, events, weddings, and everything in between!

    But… there is something extra special about decorating with greenery during the holidays! So, I have gathered some holiday inspiration to get you started with 15 quick and easy ways to spruce up your home….pun intended! I always opt for the real thing so I get that authentic fresh, crisp, pine scent, especially during the holiday season. With fresh that also means you don’t have to store it…I mean who wants another Christmas box to get out! I love the smell of pine year-round it because it makes me feel like I’m in the mountains even when I can’t be! But its OK if you don’t have the real thing available…faux greenery is the next best thing, you may not get the scent… but you still get the feeling!


    Greenery goes anywhere during the holidays…pull your look together by displaying it in multiple places!


    You can hang one wreath or multiple wreaths in a window or on a wall. I love this display of 5 different mini designs!

    Source: valdirose.blogspot

    Greenery is meant to be simple and organic. It doesn’t get any easier than a pot an a plant! Plant your own or pick one up already potted! You may even be able to use it next year!


    No budget, no problem.. you can use the cuttings off of your own tree for display or stop by your local tree lot and ask for cuttings!


    Share your fresh greenery with others by using it on wrapping, or making wreaths or potted plants for others!

    Source: onekindesign/brittanywood/photo Jenni Kayne

    One of my all time favorite ways to decorate with greenery is down the middle of a table for weddings, events or at home! Its classic!

    Source: Decoholic, H&M Home Collection

    Hanging greenery on lighting has become a big trend for events and holiday decorating and one of my favorite ways to decorate a space and lets not forget a Christmas tree!!

    Source: Better Homes and Gardens/ the_refinedfarmhouse

    Don’t forget the outside when you decorate! That’s your home’s first impression and should coordinate with the inside!

    Source: Decoholic, H&M Home Collection

    I love framing windows with greenery, especially when there’s a complementing view to frame!

    Source: pinterest/

    Stairways are a decorators favorite! Holidays, events, parties, and of course nothing says romance like a bride coming down a greenery embellished staircase.


    Oversize greenery can make a dramatic impression like this gorgeous greenery table runner. I love the half wreath on the window which are trending this year…it allows the table to be center stage!

    Source: nellyvintagehome

    Sometimes a little greenery can go a long way, and adding other natural elements like pinecones or berries brings out even more of a naturalistic feel!


    A mantle at the holidays is just meant for big, beautiful greenery! Adding candles to any greenery just gives it that extra touch of warmth!


    Think outside the box when decorating greenery, it doesn’t have to be Christmas trees and evergreen and pine…try mixing it up with something like this Magnolia garland!


    Lights and greenery can make any space cozy and romantic, but what it really brings is the magic factor!

    I hope this gives you some DIY inspiration to grab some greenery and start decorating!

    Happy Decorating!


    DIY Thanksgiving Table Ideas

    2020 is the year of the outdoor Thanksgiving table! Whether your indoors or out…Thanksgiving is a time to show off your tablescapes! Since many of you are taking your feasts outside this year so I found a few of my favorites…they’re rustic, natural, seasonal, whimsical and simple…all my favorite things!

    Sourse: Veranda Magazine by Sara Clark/table by Helen Norman

    You had me at…its by a barn! Then add mis matched chairs which is one of my favorite obsessions…that scenery…that chandelier and the tabletop design and thats a WOW…I would love to spend Thanksgiving at that table!


    An outdoor fireplace, a neutral tabletop and faux fur throws…3 of my favorite things any time of year! Put them together and you have nothing but comfy and cozy!


    Love, love, love this natural tabletop decor…nothing says fall like natural, seasonal greenery, a wood table and crisp white…!

    This green plaid is still one of my favorites and sooo easy with all of the fall blankets and throws available and the fact that I can’t say no to anything plaid! How fun would it be to get everyone their own cozy blanket…mix up the colors and plaids!


    Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving!!


    Rustic Luxe Decor Finds

    If you follow my blog you know I love a big family table filled with family and friends… especially around the holidays! This is a great space from de l’or blanc. I will definitely miss that this year! I love this table and I can picture it with holiday greenery!…and I found a great chandelier if you want to luxe up your space in true winter fashion! It is so perfect… reminds me of icicles hanging from antlers…Here is the link!

    If you want just a touch of modern luxury in your cozy rustic space…this is your piece!

    Happy Decorating!


    Cozy Bedroom – Get This Look

    Its that time of year for cozy Christmas decorating and warm winter faux fur throws! Throw in some fun reindeer art and you have instant cozy Christmas décor! I have gathered a few of my favorite things so you can can have your own cozy Christmas!

    I’m in love with this inspiration pic from de l’ Or Blanc so I did some sourcing…here’s what I found, see the links below…happy decorating!

    You can never have enough faux fur around the house and art is meant to be changed…so have fun and start decorating for the season!!

    Questions, pics, inspiration, ideas…just email me!!

    Happy Winter!!


    Let It Snow – Get This Look

    There’s nothing more photogenic than snow so let the winter pics begin! I hope you love snow like I do! You would never think that white or snow could be cozy or warm but it has its own special magic that creates the feeling of warmth on the inside!

    The crispness of a white bed or a white bedroom to match a crisp view! I’ve had a white bedroom for as long as I can remember…and I’m still working on the view…

    Having a neutral home creates a fresh, organic vibe…and the right whites can take you to a whole new level of comfy cozy! View or no view… designer Victoria Hagen tells us how to get this crisp, cozy look that will make you feel like you’ve found a winter wonderland!

    Sources for article and photo: Designer Victoria Hagan/ Article: Veranda Magazine/photo William Waldron, Nancy Hass/Photo: Architectural Digest Magazine/Lisa Romerein

    Custom bed, Classic Design; bed linens, E. Braun & Co.; chairs in a Donghia fabricRoman Thomas; vintage stools, Pascal Boyer Gallery; bedside table, Victoria Hagan Home Collection; lamp, Armani/Casa; pendant, Homer Design; Roman shade in a Romo fabricSusan Lind Chastain; carpet, Mansour.

    So go for it…go neutral…go white and create your own winter wonderland!!

    Happy Decorating!



    3D rendering of cozy living room on cold winter night in the mountains, evening interior of chalet decorated with candles, fireplace fills the room with warmth.

    Congrats! If you decorated your home for Halloween or fall then you just staged your own home! You staged it to look and feel like a theme or holiday, which is my fav thing to do! A perfect example is our feature pic from Decluttered, defined and neutral…and the candles, lanterns, fireplace and lighting really bring the cozy factor!


    You probably even did a “vignette” which is a group of items that tells a story! See…you’re not as design-challenged as you think…if your staging your home to sell then read on…

    Staging is as easy as 1,2,3,4. Assuming you don’t have a vacant home or are adding furniture (which we’ll talk about later) it’s easy to get your home ready for the photographers and the buyers that are about to emerge!!


    So swallow your pride and realize that your home may be a perfect fit for you but this is about making it perfect for EVERY prospective buyer! So…repeat after me…

    ”I want to sell my house quickly and for the most money I can” and I will not take it personal”!

    So here we go…and #1 and #4 are the most important!

    1. DECLUTTER – Either throw it away or pack it away…yes that means all your little treasures, even the cute valance you just bought that’s blocking the view…everything…don’t forget the exterior space.



    1. DEFINE – Areas and rooms…don’t just fill it up…a bedroom isn’t storage space so don’t cram everything in the closet because buyers will open those doors. A large space or great room should have multiple groupings not just furniture lined up on the wall to create the feeling of space; in fact it will create the opposite…


    1. NEUTRALIZE – Drapes, bedding, towels, linens should be neutral colors…you may like all your colors and patterns, but your future buyers may not…neutral color projects clean, crisp, new…a pop of color is OK…absolutely no personal items… and please double check your art, it may have meaning to you but may not to someone else…


    1. PUNCH LIST – I saved my favorite for last! I can definitely do a mean punch list…just walk through your space and look at every nook and cranny…cleaning is a must!…look for worn, broken, chipped, scuffed, scratched, faded, and dated. This includes items that are not working or were repaired as a quick fix…no, duct tape is not acceptable…lol you’d be surprised…


    I do believe in the cozy factor but keep background music simple, be careful with fragrance, and keep it natural, many people are turned off by certain fragrances.  Bonus points for lots of lighting…so light it up for pics or showings, and if you have a great view, that’s your number one priority!…make sure NOTHING distracts from it…

    So there you go…get your home ready, sell it fast and get top dollar!

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me!!

    Stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss; paint/flooring, vacant homes, adding furniture, your exterior.

    Happy staging!!


    Cozy Season…Get This Look!

    My first cozy crush this year! This bedroom is amazing and I am obsessed with this ceiling!! Its either painted reclaimed wood or reclaimed tin squares…either way I just want to wake up every morning to snowflakes on my ceiling!

    Source: Gull Lake Retreat via

    You can find reclaimed wood bedframes like these from Etsy, find them at your local furniture store or have one custom made!

    They also have reclaimed barn tin that would look great on any ceiling or wall!

    Keeping your linen in the neutrals is also the key to this look like this Belgian flax linen, cable throw and faux fur from pottery barn!—shams%252bpillows%252bfaux-fur-shop-pillows-decor/primarycatname-m-category-ff000e1321242bfe202620-2/

    There are lots of fun, rustic ceiling fans available like this barn wood and bronze style from Hunter!

    Whether using painted wood or weathered tin you’ll still have to add a few snowflakes. I just looove that they did an aged, rustic weathered look and not perfect snowflakes all around. You can find snowflake stencils everywhere like these from Amazon!

    You can always cozy up the room you have… maybe you can’t add snowflakes but you can always cozy up your room with a little wood and the right linens…

    I would love to see your pics or answer any questions!

    Wishing you a comfy and cozy home!


    Holiday Doors and Porches

    Black doors are trendy, impressive and dramatic but when it comes to holidays they are my fav to decorate! I love this fall farmhouse look from So cozy and the black just just makes everything pop! If you already have a black door yay! If your thinking about a change here’s some door inspiration!


    The perfect accessory for holiday decor!!

    Source: pinterest/

    The perfect accessory for any style porch!

    Source: Curtis floristry

    White stand aside because It doesn’t get any better than greenery on a dark door!


    It also looks great on the inside!

    A great DIY project with a big impact! So what do you think, ready to take the plunge?


    Hi I'm Carrie happy fall!! Lets chat, design and share inspiration! Were still changing a few things around so check back often!