Adding Texture “Rustic Farmhouse Style” to Your Home or Event


    You love the “Farmhouse Style” trend which has been around since “Fixer Upper” started ….thank you Chip and Joanna! And yes its here to stay! Maybe you want to add a few pieces to make your existing style a little more inviting or to add some texture and interest to your modern or traditional style without going full ship lap crazy…

    One of my favorite ways to incorporate a little down home country into a home is to add rustic accessories! Wood signs are so easy and inexpensive and they can say anything you would like!

    Maybe you love the look but think a sign that says “Farmhouse”  is a little country overkill for your modern style? First of all don’t be afraid to mix, that is what creates interest. One of the most common things I run into as a designer is a home that doesn’t have enough texture. When you add texture it changes the whole feel of your space! The trick is to just add a little here and there. Try adding a cute wood sign like “Because I Said So” or “Kitchen” or the name or your town or family name.  My all time favorite is “Bakery” because I love to bake! Signs can add the perfect rustic, texture element but don’t have to scream goats and chickens. The ideas are endless! You can also hang fun wood accents like an old piece of furniture or an old window. If wood isn’t your style then opt for some copper, metal or tin accessories.  Textured rugs,  pillows and throws are always a safe way to add an element of texture!

    In weddings and events these signs have always been popular and mostly used for directing guests to different areas or showing the bride and grooms name. My favorite is adding distressed architectural features like furniture, windows and doors “outdoors”.

    One of our exclusive sign styles is vintage and distressed paper in the background of the sign which also opens up a whole new concept in styles and colors to match any theme.

    The Striped Barn has a new collection of wood signs now available and always welcome custom designs!



    Carrie Bachmayer
    Carrie Bachmayer
    Welcome friends of The Striped Barn! Lets chat, design, get creative and share inspiration!


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    Carrie Bachmayer
    Welcome friends of The Striped Barn! Lets chat, design, get creative and share inspiration!

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