Tennessee Interior Design

I never knew there was such a thing as “Entry Envy” but I have now experienced it! What a wow entry from Tennessee designer Teresa Davis at Post 31 Interiors. It’s not just my obsession with wood that drew me in…ok, so maybe it was the wood initially, but I love the whole space!!

So, once you get past that gorgeous wood…that arched door, those perfectly placed beams, OMG that ceiling and plank floor. Many of us who already embrace the farmhouse, rustic, ranch, barn style have been mixing rustic with crystal for many years. But to add a grand piano in that amazing rustic foyer is priceless!

The use of rustic wood elements isn’t just for rustic wood cabins or for the country. Just like in my blog titled “Get off the Reclaimed Wood Fence”, the yin and yang of wood paired with more refined elements is the perfect wow factor and is being used with all design styles!

What are your favorite rustic elements?