It’s Finally Fall Y’all!

Yay! It’s officially Fall! … although I had Fall fever months ago…. yes, lets just call it like it is….I am obsessed with Fall and Winter….So now that everyone else is on board, let the Fall festivities begin!

Everything is popping up pumpkin and I cannot get enough so here are a few things to give you a Fall jump start! Trader Joe’s turns into all things pumpkin and spice, and this year I discovered this amazing Rooibos Pumpkin tea which is like drinking a cup of Fall and is also available on Amazon.


Even better in my favorite mug…..

If you are looking for something fun to do then visit Tanaka Farms they just opened their pumpkin patch and it has beautiful colored pumpkins growing on the vine, and all kinds of fun things to do!

So, get your Fall on and get ready for all the seasons and holidays that are now upon us!


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