“The Striped Barn” Ball Cap

Happy February!

First, I am excited to announce our “Striped Barn” ball cap is now back in stock and available on our website!

I can’t believe Jan is already over! I have been busy working on some new products and designs and lost a whole month! We have some exciting signs coming and I can’t wait to introduce them to you!

Besides wedding season being right around the corner…. I am also starting in on summer and Fourth of July which will be here before we know it!  That’s the one thing about events and products….you always have to think months ahead to the next season or you completely miss it!!

The only thing I do in real time is interior design projects.  Even then I have to always think about designing for different seasons and the growth of the space, so technically you are still designing for the future. I drive everyone crazy because I am always thinking about the next thing or the next day. I think that’s just how we are wired as designers…always looking for the next thing!

We are working on some more exciting products so be sure to watch our announcements!

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