Barns, Farms and Countryside Style

Barns, farms and countryside spaces are my favorite projects to work on! They are a combination of style, history and simplicity. The feeling of togetherness with family and friends and good times had when everyone gathers. It is no secret that I love textures and I can’t imagine a space without rustic wood or an old barn door.  Re purposed wood not only helps the environment but it has a history. We have all sat at an old rustic table in mismatched chairs or under wood beams. Imagine that space without any wood and it is harsh and cold.

A trending style and my personal favorite is to mix the old with the new. Reclaimed wood and modern style pairs beautifully together and creates a balance of in the now and the mysterious past.  I love to update old barns and farms by updating function while staying true to the integrity of the past. I love traveling to a new country destination to see what I can discover!




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