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Team Rustic or Team Modern?

Since its raining today I missed one of my favorite vintage flea markets and going to the stables…so I am inspiration and blog binging! It’s no secret I’m team rustic but I can bring the contemporary, modern, glam when I have a client, event or product that calls for it. And truth be told I […]

What’s Your Cup of Tea?

Just like the new 50 is 60, the new style is how many can you pull together and make it work. Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s the easiest thing you can do because you are taking everything you love and pulling it together. Our true selves or “our cup of tea” is what makes us […]


HOLIDAYS are my favorite and I like to celebrate them all by doing my creative thing. I bake, I decorate, I add little vignettes, I like to entertain, and I love to share my creativity with everyone! Believe me my friends love it when I bake or try new recipes and nothing makes me happier […]


Valentines Day is fast approaching, wedding season is coming and winter equals cuddle weather! “I want a love like Johnny and June” and “So I can kiss you anytime I want” are two of my all-time favorite quotes! It’s true rustic glam when I insert them into my handmade rhinestone frames!   My frames are […]

Cozy Neutrals with a View

Call it what you want…modern rustic, organic, timber home, cabin, neutral, mountain home. I call it cozy with a view. I found this cozy inspiration room on and just had to share! My clients are always asking me how to blend gray and beige in their space. In fact I just had a client […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yippee! I woke up this morning wondering what just happened between September and December that was hectic and crazy but, in a fun, magical way… What had I been doing the last 4 months? I designed products, planned client’s parties, did lots of design work and consults, spent time with friends and […]


I wait all year for Fall and by the time my birthday rolls around the end of August I am in full Fall mode! Instagram and the craft stores start back in June and July and I am secretly thrilled! I don’t dare open my mouth then or everyone looks at me like I’m nuts! […]

Whimsical and Romantic Wedding Floral Design

I just love doing weddings!! Anything romantic or wedding related count me in! It was so much fun to be part of these romantic, whimsical floral designs for this beautiful wedding!  My friend Marita of Marita Floral Designs is a true creative genius! We arrived about 1:00 flowers, bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages and flower basket […]