Why Do You Love Fall?

Wow, what inspiration to start your Fall decorating… It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year! I have always thought it was because I like cooler weather and seasons with colorful landscapes. Its like mother nature just turns up the color in Fall. It is also because Fall is the start of all things cozy, warm and fuzzy.  Everyone seems to gather more around the holidays and find more reasons to spend time together. Its apple picking, pumpkin patches, football, haunted houses, baking, Christmas decor, favorite holiday movies, fun drinks and cozy spaces.

In my world of design, crafting and DIY projects this is when we turn it up for the next four months. As if I wasn’t already working on enough projects! At my house there is lots of decorating and much more baking. I start my end of year decorating plan in August and have all my Halloween decor up before Labor Day with the exception of my front door wreath which I keep on the inside of my front door until the day after Labor Day, so the neighbors don’t think I’m crazy. This year I have already made 2 pumpkin pies and I can’t wait to watch Hocus Pocus.

So why do you love Fall? I would love to hear!