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About Us

I was born a true creative. It’s like having 10,000 browser tabs open at one time. I have succeeded in fashion design, interior design, event planning, writing, publishing and product design for decades.



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I never wanted to choose just one creative venue so I didn’t I never wanted to follow the rules of what should go together, so I didn’t…. 

I am passionate about styletexture, design, romance, old wood, barns, and things that sparkle. I believe we should surround ourselves with things we love, and that our own individual style is constantly changing.  

We love design at The Striped Barn and offer interior design, event design, wedding design and product design.

We love destination design and will travel to your design project.

“The Striped Barn” is also a fun place to shop with good friends and good prices. A place where there are no rules!

A place where rustic meets shine, country meets city, old meets new and mix is the new match! 

So, go ahead, shop, break the rules, mix it up and most of all have fun!



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